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Marine Spouse Recognition Award

Award honors and highlights the resiliency, strength, and dedication that a United States Marine Corps spouse embodies as they support our military men and women, families, and communities. The award recognizes the spouse of an active duty Marine that serves in a unit having a home base located in the USMC Southwest Region of the United States.

2023 - Emily Bradley

Emily is being honored for her unwavering commitment to her family, the local military community, and the Marine Corps. Despite several personal challenges, Emily has demonstrated tremendous strength of character, resiliency, and personal dedication to the service of others. Through her personal initiative and unselfishness, Emily is a role model to her fellow Marine Corps spouses.


As a Marine Spouse for 13 years, Emily has consistently volunteered her time and talent on several important initiatives. While deployed to Iwakuni Japan, Emily volunteered at a shelter for abused and battered women as well as an orphanage. In this capacity, she organized social events, benefits resources, and fundraising activities. More recently, she volunteered at the Veterans Association of North County, where she supported active-duty personnel, veterans, and family members in navigating issues regarding insurance, housing and healthcare assistance. Emily’s positive life view and “can do” attitude made a significant difference for the morale of constituents and volunteers alike.


While supporting her husband’s career as a Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officer, volunteering in the community and advocating for military families, Emily recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Azusa Pacific University, and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Nursing. She is now a Registered Nurse in California.


Emily Bradley is an exceptional Marine Spouse. Her character, patriotism and infectious optimism are an inspiration to all who know her or have been touched by her generosity and kindness. Emily demonstrates the highest ideals of the United States Marine Corps and brings great credit upon herself.   


Emily is married to Gunnery Sergeant Ryan Bradley, currently assigned to the Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Academy at Camp Pendleton. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Emily and Ryan make their home in Oceanside, CA. They are expecting their first child in August.

Ryan and Emily Bradley
Gunnery Seargent Ryan Bradley and Emily Bradley



In the past, little recognition was given to the trials and tribulations of the those who made it possible for their spouse to pursue their service career for the benefit of our nation.  In the last decade, the stress and strain on the family has perhaps been greater than ever before. The Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation strongly believes community support and public awareness of the service and sacrifice of the military spouse and family is important.

Past Recipients


2022 - Kyp Hughes

2021  - Jennifer Beckwith
2020 - Kailee Norris
2019 - Amber Loveless-Bowman
2018 - Traci Wilson
2017 - Theresa Viveros
2016 -  Lauren Huff
2015 - Kimberly Reed
2014 - Cyndi Stamps
2013 - Jamie Weathers
2012 - Sasha Lightfoot
2011 - Rachael Wunderlich

General Guidelines​

  1. Nominations are accepted beginning in January of each year and the awardee is announced in the spring. Deadlines for submission of nominations will be announced with the opening of the nomination period.

  2. The Marine Spouse Recognition Award will be presented to a Marine spouse whose partner is currently on active duty and serving in a unit whose home base is located in the Southwest Region of the United States.

  3. Applications will be accepted and reviewed by the Award Committee appointed by the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation.

  4. Nominations may be submitted by supporting agencies, friends, family members, neighbors and work associates but may not be submitted by a nominee’s spouse, their commanding officer or by the nominee themself.

Marine Spouse Award FAQ​

Q. How is the awardee chosen?
A. The awardee is chosen by a panel of Marine spouses, past awardees and a granddaughter of Irene Ferguson. Panelists need a complete and well-written application with examples that illustrate how the nominee supports their family, community and/or the country with the resiliency, strength and dedication that characterize U.S. Marine Corps spouses.    

Q. Who can nominate a Marine Spouse for this honor?
A. With few exceptions, we welcome nominations from friends, family members, neighbors, associates and staff from supporting agencies. To ensure a fair judging process, self-nominations or nominations from a nominee’s spouse or their commanding officer will not be accepted.

Q. Can a Marine nominate their spouse?
A. No

Q. The nomination paperwork states a Commanding Officer cannot nominate the spouse of someone under his/her command for this award. Does that mean no one in a command can nominate a spouse?
A. No. A Family Readiness Officer, or a fellow Marine or Marine spouse in a command can nominate a spouse. The Commanding Officer is the one person who cannot nominate a spouse in his/her command.

Q.  If the spouse I nominated previously was not chosen as the awardee, can I submit an application on their behalf again?
A: Absolutely! As long as they fulfill the qualifications, the panel would be thrilled to consider their nomination.

Q. Who should be named as a second recommendation?
A. You may list another Marine spouse, Marine friend, Family Readiness Officer, civilian friend – someone who knows the spouse well and can support the nomination if it comes down to a tie breaker.

Q. The Marine spouse’s husband/wife is deployed. Can I still nominate them?
A. Yes. If the Marine’s unit is from the Southwest Region, but is deployed elsewhere, the spouse is eligible.

Q. What comprises the Southwest Region?
A. If a unit belongs to the 3d Marine Aircraft Wing or Marine Corps Installations West, they are eligible.

Q. How do I nominate a Marine Spouse for the award?
A. Nominations should be submitted using the link below to access the online form. Please do not submit photos.

Q. When do nominations open and when will the awardee be announced?
A.  Nominations are accepted beginning in January of each year. The awardee will be publicly announced in May.

Q. Do you have any additional tips for submitting a nomination?
A. A well-written nomination with specific examples will help the committee understand why your nominee is so outstanding. We recommend that you compose the narrative response (750-
word maximum) for the application in a word processor such as MS Word and then cut and paste your response into the online application. This will allow you to do a word count and spell check on your response prior to filling out the online application and keep you from losing your work in case you are disconnected from the Internet.

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