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BGen Michael Aguilar Interviewed

General Aguilar has been making the rounds on the interview circuit to discuss our plans for the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum relocation to the former MCAS El Toro.


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BGen Michael Aguilar Interviewed

The Flying Leathernecks Return to Irvine (ep. 171)
The Flying Leathernecks Return to Irvine (ep. 171)
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Moving the Marine Air Museum with Retired USMC Brigadier General Michael Aguilar
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IMPACT OC: Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation
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I spent a long time wandering through the planes, photographing the amazing aircraft and the environment. I wondered if my grandfather had flown any of them, and felt I connected with him as well as my own family history. I also felt as if I had accomplished an uncompleted task on my father’s list as well. "

Scott B.

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