Picnic With A Pilot


The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum launched its first "Picnic With A Pilot" series June 8, 2013, featuring presentations from USMC pilots during Open Cockpit Days.

Each pilot's presentation lasts 30 - 45 minutes with a 15 minute Q&A period. Pilots talk about memorable events during their career.

Plan to join us in 2018 at 11 am on:

June 16 --  Major General Bob Butcher (USMC-retired) will talk about flying the A-4 "Skyhawk"

July 14  -- Brigadier General Mike Aguilar (USMC-retired) will discuss flying the AH-1 "Cobra"

Brigadier General Michael Aguilar (USMC-retired) is a highly decorated Marine and Gulf War veteran. During his 31-year Marine Corps career he held a variety of flying and command billets and accumulated over 4000 hours, primarily as an Attack Helicopter Pilot.

July 28   -- George Haloulakos, author of High Flight and Call to Glory,  will discuss the AV-8 Harrier

"Harrier: The Knight in the Marine Corps' Arsenal of Freedom in San Diego"

George Haloulakos, CFA, educator, museum volunteer and author of “High Flight” will discuss the capabilities, missions and lore of the “Harrier” jump jet. The Harrier is a technical marvel as it is the first truly successful jet Vertical-Short-Takeoff-Landing (VSTOL) aircraft in history.

August  -- Speaker to be confirmed

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