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Victor Franco


Victor Franco

Board Member

Partner, California Strategies, LLC

Victor Franco, Jr. is a Partner at California Strategies. Victor delivers a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge in both the public and private sectors.

For over 20 years, Victor has been the architect in building an extensive network of key relationships across many disciplines in the Los Angeles and greater Southern California region. This robust network includes leaders and officials from all sectors of government and public affairs, public safety, land use and planning, public health, information technology, procurement assistance, and more. This extensive network, coupled with Victor’s proven abilities to analyze and represent the clients’ needs on complicated projects or issues, has set a standard of demonstrated, problem solving for his clients.

Prior to California Strategies, Victor held several government affairs, marketing and lobbyist positions within the land use, automotive, technology and public safety sectors. Victor has worked as a Congressional staffer in Washington D.C., in automotive as an advertising & marketing leader, as the policy director for a highly-regarded Downtown Los Angeles business association, and as a member of the leadership teams of several leading lobbyist and government affairs firms in Los Angeles.

In addition to his work with clients, Victor has served on several public commissions and boards in cities throughout LA County and participated and served on a number of non-profit boards and fundraising committees in the local community.

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