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Volunteer Application

Please read about our Volunteer Opportunities before completing.

Applicant Information

Emergency Contact


Please check all boxes that apply. Note completed education only.

Skills / Experience / Interests

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Preferred days

General Background

I certify that all information submitted in this volunteer application, my resume, interview or other information is true and complete and that I have not intentionally withheld any information that would affect my application to volunteer at The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. I understand that references must be provided and a background check will be conducted.

Volunteers must have no convictions for crimes of a sexual nature, for crimes against a child, or for crimes of violence. If disclosed in advance, the standard may be waived by The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum Volunteer Office for misdemeanor charges under special circumstances.

If accepted as a volunteer, I understand and agree that I will be evaluated for job performance and may be terminated for poor performance or inappropriate behavior according to Museum procedures.

Thanks for submitting!

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