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The Inside Loop Podcast

The Inside Loop a fun and engaging way to interact with our museum and its experts. If you have a question ranging from what does it feel to fly a fighter jet or in space to what does a Marine actually do, send us your question and perhaps it will be featured in an upcoming episode.

Please send questions to

Latest | Episode 5

The Tomcats, VMA-311 I The Inside Loop
Feat. Major General Bob Butcher

Welcome to The Inside Loop Featuring Major General Bob Butcher, USMC (Ret.) part three. Click the following link to read the details of General Butcher's 25+-Year-Old favor.

Past Episodes

Episode 4

The A4 Skyhawk I The Inside Loop
Episode 4 Feat. Major General Bob Butcher

In a continuation of Episode 2, Major General Bob Butcher shares stories from 31 years of flying the A4 “Skyhawk”.

Episode 3

Why Does Space Force Exist? I The Inside Loop Episode 3 Feat. Lt. Colonel Joe Bassi, Ph.D.

Dr. Joe Bassi answers questions about the history and requirements to become part of Space Force.

Episode 2

Falling Asleep Flying at 400 Knots | The Inside Loop Episode 2 Feat. Major General Bob Butcher

Major General Bob Butcher (USMC-retired) answers Chloe’s question about some of his most memorable moments flying.

Episode 1

24 Year Marine Corp Veteran Reflects on His Career | The Inside Loop Episode 1 Feat. Major Ferguson

Major Glenn Ferguson (USMC-retired) answers questions about training and serving as a dive bomber pilot during World War II.

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