War in the Pacific (Vol I), America at War


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By Jerome T Hagen
Relive the history-making events of WWII in the Pacific. Hagen begins with Japan’s interest in colonialism, the assassination of Marshall Chang Tso-lien in Manchuria and Japan’s subsequent decision to “Strike South.”

Volume I (America at War) is a great overview of the major events of the Pacific war. It starts ten years before the attack on Pearl Harbor when Japan invades China. President Roosevelt terminates the sale of petroleum to Japan and freezes their assets in the United States. Following a chapter on the Japanese Rape of Nanking, China, the book takes the reader through 308 pages of Pacific war history with chapters about those terrible first six months when the Japanese captured Hong Kong, Wake Island, Bataan, Corregidor and Singapore. Also covered are The Burma and Ledo Roads, The Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, The battles of the Coral Sea and Midway, The Death of Admiral Yamamoto and The Death Railway.

Included are chapters about The Firebombing of Japan, The Loss of the USS Indianapolis, The Kamikazes, The Battle of Okinawa and the use of the two atomic bombs before Japan conditionally surrenders. The conduct of the Coup whereby the military sought to override the Emperor’s decision to surrender is new and fascinating information.

There are also chapters about Allied Prisoners in China, The Doolittle POWs, Allied POWs in Hainan, the surrender ceremonies on the USS Missouri, similar ceremonies throughout the Pacific and the War Crimes Trials in Tokyo. A total of 28 defendants were tried in the Tokyo trial. Other tribunals throughout the Pacific tried 5,700 Japanese officers and enlisted defendants.



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