Open Cockpit Days


When you come out to see us during the summer months, you can sit in the cockpit and feel like a real pilot! Take your little kids — and big kids — to enjoy a free day out in the sun.

2016 Open Cockpit Days

See you this summer for more fun in the sun!   Cockpits of selected aircraft will be open between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on the dates below.  And on select dates from 11:00 am to noon, talk to the pilots who flew the aircraft!  When you attend this year's Open Cockpit Days, visit the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum on Facebook to post your future aviator piloting an F/A 18!  Semper Fi, Marines. Hope to see you at the Museum on:

July 23:

George Haloulakos

AV-8B "Harrier"    11:00 am to noon

 George will talk about the history of the Harrier jet, a ground attack jet aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing.  Hear about its missions and its manufacturing.  He is a professor, author and entrepreneur who has written extensively about the history of aviation.

July 24

August 6:

Major Roger Herman

UH-34 "Seahorse"        11:00 am to noon

Major Roger Herman will be talking about the UH-34D helicopter and the missions he flew during the Vietnam war.  Major Herman spent 20 years on active duty and accrued approx. 20,000 hours of flight time. After retirement he had a second career as an airline pilot.  Major Herman will discuss his experiences piloting the UH-34D helicopter and take questions from the audience.

August 7 and 20-21

September 3-4