4 thoughts on “Major General Bob Butcher (USMC-retired)

  1. I am very proud of my former college roommate and want to thank him for his service to his country. Major General Bob Butcher thank you for your service and your dedication to your country and fellow Americans. I Salute you, Sir. And I am proud to call you friend.

    • My entire family cannot thank Major General Bob Butcher enough for his support, and a lifetime of service & for being there for his fellow Marines. Thanks so much, General Butcher, for your timely & difference-making support for Col. M. K. Hollenbeck over the years & at the time of his passing. Your leadership, class & contributions over so many times & in so many places inspires others to duty, sacrifices, and service to their country & to their communities.
      Again, a thousand thanks!!

  2. Forever in admiration, respect and gratitude for Colonel & Mrs Butcher. Thankful for their visit to the hospital when our Tabatha was born knowing nothing could heal the pain of watching him kneel over the bodies of our Marines taken from Lebanon, his boys and their son. May God watch over them both always and a million saints greet them when they join their people. XXXOOO

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