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Poppy Wall

Legacy Wall

The Legacy Wall comprises a limited number of personalized plaques, photos engraved with photos, text, insignias, or logos of your choosing to recognize the service of a loved one, a command, crew, or Chief’s Mess.

The Legacy Wall plaques will be available for $2,500, including a replica mounted on a wood backing and a Legacy Wall Certificate of Registry. Plaque production will begin once full payment is received. Expect two weeks from artwork approval for your plaque to be displayed on the Legacy Wall.

Add an image of a plaque with the dimensions

Plaques are photo engraved on a silver aluminum plate measuring 3.75” x 7”. Plaques can include photos, text, insignias, and logos.

Poppy Wall

The order form goes here.

The order form used will depend on the plate production process and what best works with that process / how it is managed.

The background image will change to an actual photo or illustration of the wall.

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