12 JUNE 2015

Marine Wife Award 2015 Kimberly Reed

KIMBERLY REED is the 2015 recipient of the Irene Ferguson Marine Wife Recognition Award. She is being honored for her wide-ranging commitment to volunteerism. Kimberly actively seeks out opportunities to generously share her time and talents in support of the Marine Corps, her fellow military families and the local community. Kimberly has volunteered with several […]

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14 OCTOBER 2014

Marine Wife Award 2014 Cyndi Stamps

CYNDI STAMPS is the 2014 recipient of the Irene Ferguson Marine Wife Recognition Award. She is being honored for her personal sacrifice and commitment to the betterment of her family, the Marine Corps and the local community. Cyndi’s generous giving of her time, talents and knowledge is in keeping with the highest traditions of a […]

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Japanese Officer Assists US
28 MAY 2014

Japanese Officer Assists US Marines In Final Days Of World War II

Lieutenant Minoru Wada By John M. Curatola, LtCol, United States Marine Corps (Retired) With assistance from the Log Book staff   On August 9, 1945, Nagasaki was devastated by the second atomic bomb attack on Japan during World War II. The attack by the B-29 ‘Superfortress, “Bockscar,” piloted by Major Charles W. Sweeney, was followed only […]

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2 MAY 2014

Thank You for Your Support On giveBIG Day!

Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation did well during our first-ever participation in giveBIG Day! The Foundation’s generous supporters gave a total of $2400 through the San Diego Foundation in support of FLHF on giveBig Day.  This qualified us for incentive pool funds, and so our final total will be larger. We owe a huge thank you to […]

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28 MARCH 2014

2014 Easter Holiday Closure

Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is closed Sunday, April 20 for the Easter Holiday. We wish all of you and your families and very Happy Easter. Please make plans to visit the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum and Historical Foundation as soon as you can. If you are already here in the San Diego area, consider some of […]

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24 MARCH 2014

Presidio to Pacific Power House

The Flying Leathernecks are proud to be a part of this year’s Presidio to Pacific Powerhouse exhibit that encompasses military and history museums across San Diego, Calif. county. You can pick up your passport here at the museum, and get your first stamp with us! Program Overview San Diego has been a military town since […]

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John Glenn’s Project Bullet F8U Crusader — The Rest of the Story

By Bill France Significant accomplishments in aviation and astronautics during the mid-1950s and early 1960s were regarded as major news events. This was certainly true on July 16, 1957 when Senator (then Marine Major) John Glenn became a national hero by setting a new transcontinental air speed record.  On that day, Major Glenn flew an […]

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Corsair Pilots Tell Their Stories

By Frank Lorey ©2012 Over seventy years ago, in 1938, the Navy came up with a specification for a new carrier-based fighter, with the Bell, Grumman, and Vought companies entering designs in the competition. The Vought prototype flew in May, 1940, and eventually the experimental version became the United States’ first 400 MPH single-engine fighter, […]

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Hai Van Pass

A Trip Back in Time: Vietnam

By J. T. “Birdie” Bertrand It is 12:45 PDT, April 14, 2012, in Los Angeles. Korean Airline’s A380 has just started its takeoff roll and soon we will be airborne on our way to Seoul Korea, a 1 hour 20 minute stopover and a connection to a Korean Airlines B-737 flight, non-stop to Da Nang […]

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