Picnic with a Pilot

22 JULY 2013

Picnic With A Pilot: Rex McCoy

Rex McCoy discussed his time as a gunner on ship during the Vietnam War. He showed guests the type of US Marine Corps aircraft that saved his life and the lives of his comrades. The video is an excerpt of his talk. Scroll down for the full photo gallery. Save the date for the next […]

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12 JUNE 2013

Picnic With A Pilot: Dan King

The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum launched its first “Picnic With A Pilot” series June 8, 2013 during Open Cockpit Days. The first amazing pilot featured in the series was Distinguished Flying Cross, CWO-3 Dan King. He has an amazing story – with 1600 combat flying hours, 825 combat missions and was shot down three times! […]

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